The Dialysis Facility Reports (DFRs) are created under contract to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide dialysis facilities, consumers, the public, CMS and its affiliates with valuable information on patient characteristics, treatment patterns, hospitalization, mortality, and transplantation patterns in Medicare certified dialysis facilities.  The DFR Data files available for download here include the data elements contained in the each Medicare certified dialysis facility’s DFR for the year indicated, subject to dialysis facility exclusion for small numbers of patients based on the end of the year count in the Annual Facility Survey.  If this patient count is less than or equal to 10 in the most recent year of the reporting period, we do not include the facility in the data file.

The FY2018 Dialysis Faciltiy Report Data (and all past archives) are now available for download here:  Archived files will remain on until 9/30/2018.

Below you will find links to four files for each release year:

FYXXXX Dialysis Facility Report Data
Comma-delimited CSV file including data elements for each dialysis facility in the US with at least 11 patients reported on the Annual Facility Survey as of December 31 of the reporting year.

FYXXXX Data Dictionary
The list of variables included in the CSV file, along with a brief description and the location within the data file and the table of the DFR for each.

The Guide to the XXXX Dialysis Facility Reports. This document provides a detailed description of the contents of the report.

FYXXXX Sample Report
This document contains a sample of the Dialysis Facility Report for a given year.

CY2012-2015 data (released October 1, 2016) for use in FY2017

CY2011-2014 data (released October 1, 2015) for use in FY2016

CY2010-2013 data (released October 1, 2014) for use in FY2015

CY2009-2012 data (released October 1, 2013) for use in FY2014

CY2008-2011 data (released October 1, 2012) for use in FY2013

CY2007-2010 data (released October 1, 2011) for use in FY2012

CY2006-2009 data (released October 1, 2010) for use in FY2011

CY2005-2008 data (released October 1, 2009) for use in FY2010

CY2004-2007 data (released October 1, 2008) for use in FY2009

CY2003-2006 data (released October 1, 2007) for use in FY2008